General Admission

9 holes of Black light Mini Glow Golf in 3D

General Admission

$8 Ages 13+

$6 Ages 12 & under

Optional $2 glasses (can also be used in Jurassic Park game at Treasure Cove)


Group Discounts & Non-Profits; Call or Stop By.

Military & Seniors; $2 off


Jumpin Slide N.Dartmouth Mall ; Near Cinema



Jumpin Slide Swansea (opposite Mini Golf )

Jump all day (limited capacity &180 lb max weight per person.)

$9 All Ages,$7 Lil Tykes (under 4) area  


The VR Zone; 9D VR (Virtual Reality) Motion POD Rides ($3-$6) & HTC VIVE ,Virtual Pinball ,& Oculus Rift Arenas. (based on time; $5-$35 per hr.) 

Web site; 

& Face book;




Combo-pass ( Jump & Golf)

$12 kids under age 12

$14 for 13

Treasure Cove Arcade ( to left of Mini Golf)

Games Prices Individually

Mini Golf in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

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